The Income and Expense Tracker

The solution for side hustler's and freelancers who aren't quite ready to hire a bookkeeper...yet


Every Business Has One Thing In Common

Whether you're a freelancer looking to build consistent side hustle income or a small business with dreams of building an empire, there is one thing we all shareā€¦

The Need For AĀ Bulletproof Financial Foundation.
But Here's The Problem...

Most entrepreneurs don't start their business because they are passionate about finances (that is unless you're me lol). 

In fact, to most business owners, finances are often the most confusing and stressful aspect of running a business.

So what do they do? They ignore them.

They focus on other areas of their business and avoid their numbers like you avoid your mom's meatloaf (sorry mom). 

AndĀ Guess WhatĀ Happens When YouĀ Ignore Your Numbers?

  • You don't know how much you sold and spent

  • You don't know where you are generating or spending the most money

  • You don't know how profitable your business is

  • You don't know how much to pay in quarterly taxes

  • You aren't taking advantage of tax deductions

  • You aren't setting goals and budgets for yourself

  • You aren't able to make strategic business decisions

  • You aren't setting yourself and your business up for growth and success

    So how do we prevent this?

We All Start Somewhere. And Just Because You Aren't Ready To Outsource Your Bookkeeping Doesn't Mean You Should Ignore Your Numbers.  

Embrace your numbers and use them to transform your side hustle into the business of your dreams.


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Monthly Income And Expense Tracking

  • Profit And Loss Statement

  • Estimated Quarterly Tax Calculations

  • Estimated Owner’s Pay (aka salary) Calculations

  • Easy-To-Understand, Visual Reporting

  • Goal and Budget Dashboard

  • Customizable Chart Of Accounts

  • How-To Video

“By the way, we have like 3 more months left to do on the Income and Expense Tracker and OH MY GOD. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. Tbh, I’ve always put it off because I was scared and thought I just needed to hire someone but this whole process was so empowering to actually see where the money is going and actually see our true growth. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!! Also it’s pretty so I actually want to look at it :)”

- Lyrik Fryer, WorkPlay Branding

Set Your Business Up For Success Today And Thank Yourself Later.